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  1. Thea

    Perfect timing, the recipe I mean! I’m doing Keto so I basted them with melted butter. A couple things that make an air fryer great is that when they are done they shut off so you dont have to watch them. Also they make the best “hard boiled” eggs, every time.. Thanks and I will be looking at your other posts.

    • Jill

      Thanks Thea! Good luck on the Keto – I have friends doing it who swear by it. I have actually not tried hard boiled eggs in the air fryer yet – may have to give that a go since that is a staple snack in my house!

  2. Marrah

    These look fantastic but aren’t wings (with all that skin) unhealthy? I have an air fryer but I can’t believe this is ok for WW. Don’t you have to remove the skin (and the taste)???

  3. Casey Garvey

    Ive recently started to try different sauces and dips for my chicken, I have fallen in love with honey barbacue dip and garlic parmersan!

  4. Sheila Ressel

    These look even better than if they were fried in oil. I hope to get an air fryer one of these days. Maybe for Christmas if I’m lucky.

  5. Casey Garvey

    It seems the closer I get to 30, the more the extra sweets and ice cream I ate that week seems to hang onto my middle section. It may be time for me to start eatting healthier choices!

  6. Emily Benzing

    I have an air fryer on my wishlist on Amazon! I would love to get one because it seems way healthier to make than actually frying something. Seems like it’ll taste better too.

  7. Emily Benzing

    These would be really great for a party, especially a sports party! You could really make a whole spread with these and other finger foods.

  8. Lauryn R

    I really want an air fryer, they sound amazing! I used to love my fryer, for the results though, not the mess or smell. This sounds like such a great alternative, and I can still eat the fried foods I love! This recipe sounds delicious, thank you so much for sharing!