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    • Jill

      Hi Naomi, I am not familiar with that one and am not really sure if there is a lot of difference between air fryer brands….I would recommended trying it the way it has been recommended in the recipe and adjust if needed.

    • Jill

      Great question! I actually made this right when I got home from the store so they were pretty thawed out. I did not make this with straight up frozen veggies…so I would say to thaw them a bit – but do not cook them or 100% thaw them before adding them to the quesadilla.

  1. Barb B.

    This was good, but I think 3 minutes on each side would be better. My tortilla was the large one. It was so crisp when I cut it, some of crumbled in tiny pieces.

    • Jill

      Thanks Barb – glad you enjoyed it overall. The timing may var a bit from air fryer to air fryer and also based on how much spray you use. I kind of overdid it with the spray to keep it from drying out too much. My family likes the crispiness which is why I finally settled on 4 minutes, but you do bring up a good point so I am going to add a note in there about time variances. Thank you so much for offering your feedback! Jill

    • Mary Walker

      Ho Jodie – first if your air fryer was supposed to come with a rack, I would definitely contact the manufacturer to make sure they send you one! You can really use anything that has a tiny bit of weight to it – something like a metal trivet or coaster should work.

  2. Sylvia

    Just got my Chef Emeril air fryer bought on QVC.
    I’ve not had one before since my house is about 80 % food intake ‘ fry-free cooking.
    So an air fryer should prove to be an interesting new adventure in our culinary
    creative journey.
    THANKS soooo much for your quesadilla recipe.
    Will be back to PLUM CRAZY again soon.