Crazy Eye Cookies Day 9 #12DaysOf

Today’s recipe comes from Debbie at She is sharing an easy to make, super fun recipe that will brighten up any Halloween Gathering – Crazy Eye Cookies.

Lugz New Fall and Winter Line for Women! #Lugz @USFG

Lugz has been making great footwear since 1993 for the entire family. Introducing their new Fall and Winter Line for Ladies and it has everything you’ll need to look fashionable, be comfortable and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Get Your Fix and it’s So Delicious

I was very excited to learn that the So Delicious company that makes the coconut milk products that my kids and I are in love with, came out with NEW ice creams that are made from cashew milk!

Free Online Photo Editor – Fotor! #Fotor

My favorite free online photo editor is Fotor! I have been using it for quite some time now, so when you see my photo collages and photos with text on them, now you know where I create them.

BRIDGE OF SPIES in Theaters Everywhere Friday! #BridgeOfSpies

DreamWorks Studios presents a dramatic thriller which is sure to keep you in suspense set against the backdrop of a series of historic events in “Bridge of Spies”.

Interview with Brad Bird Tomorrowland Director! #TomorrowlandBloggers

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tomorrowland director Brad Bird. Just in the 15 minutes that we had, there was no doubt that he is a very smart man!

Happy 1st Birthday Harley! #LaterShelter #ad

#LaterShelter #ad Harley came from a puppy mill and has issues from being over bread but we figured we could work with her and overcome them.

Zombie Brains Halloween Cupcakes Day 8 #12DaysOf

Today’s post comes from Holly of Southern Mom Loves. She has a recipe and instructions for ghoulish Zombie Brain Halloween Cupcakes that will make your zombie fans scream!

Fun Facts We Learned About the Aladdin Genie From Eric Goldberg #AladdinBloggers

As most of you know the voice of Genie was the late Robin Williams. Aladdin Genie animator Eric Goldberg talks about what it was like working with him.

Rhapsody Kids – A Fun & Easy Music Experience for Kids! $300 Target GC #Giveaway (ends 10/30) @Rhapsody

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love music! So when I heard about Rhapsody Kids, I signed up! Rhapsody Kids is the first music subscription service to offer a fun, safe, and easy music experience created just for kids.