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  1. lisa

    This isn’t very easy to make. I’m not a crafty person though. Still, I love the bright colors. Especially this time of year when it’s so drab and cold outside.

  2. Kricket Fountain

    I’ve always wanted to try to make these wreaths, just always thought it would be too complicated. Well, thanks to your video and detailed instructions, I think I’ve got this! Very pretty, by the way, I’ll let you know how mine turns out!

  3. denise low

    This is so pretty. It is so great how a person can go on the internet and find out how to make about anything. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Diana C

    That look s very cute! And like, you, I’m not that good at DIYs. Oh, I can pin all day, but just am scared to try some. This looks pretty easy and very cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Diana C

  5. Jan Lee

    Thank you for the idea and instructions. I am not crafty tho, so I’d have to have someone else make it for me, lol It’s very pretty and I bet you could use the instructions for other holidays too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lisa

    I still like like this wreath. I wish the daily comments could switch because it’s difficult to come up with a fresh comment daily.

  7. Stephanie

    What a great idea. It would be so easy to use other colors and trim for other holidays too. I bet a 4th of July one would be great.

  8. Dana Truitt

    This is a really cool looking ribbon wreath, my daughter would love doing this with me and she’d wanna hang it on her door!!

  9. Lisa

    It’s been such a long while since I’ve done any crafting – A pretty wreath like this one will be one of my goals this year.

  10. lisa

    I can’t get over how pretty this just using everyday items. And, if you wanted to buy this at the store it would be expensive.

  11. Leah

    This turned out so well! I made one of these wreaths once and couldn’t quite get the spacing between the “bunchings” even, but you do a really great job!

  12. Christine A

    The wreath is really cute I especially love the pop of the fuchsia pink deco mesh against the white mesh and red frame of the wreath.

  13. AD46241

    Great! these decors look awesome and its so creative. its easy to make and can be used as a decoration item for home.

  14. Tracy DeLoach

    Great video Mary. It turned out so pretty and easy enough for anyone to do. Thanks for sharing. Oh’ and Happy Valentines Day of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dana Truitt

    OMG it looks gorgeous,,, it’s not to hard and looks like fun I know my daughter would enjoy doing this with me as a activity for momma an baby girl!! I’m gonna give it a go myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Alona Y

    This turned out beautifully! I can relate to the craft frustration, that part made me laugh. It’s an ongoing experience for me and my failed attempts to make things!

  17. Angela Thomas

    This is adorable, and I think my kids could help me put this together. I think this would be a fun Valentines activity!