Hidden Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

No matter which time of day you choose to host your gathering bring out your best dishes like the Hidden Carrot Cupcakes recipe and show them off.

Peeps Cupcake Cones Recipe – Make, Bake and Take Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Rack

The Betty Crocker ice cream cone cupcake baking rack, allows you to make, bake a cupcake in an ice cream cone, decorate and take it too!

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes Recipe

This is the last of our Easter Bunny Butt recipes but not the last of our Easter recipes. Next week we will have a few Peeps recipes for you.

Easter Chick Cupcakes Recipe Day 11 #12DaysOf

Along with bunnies and eggs, chicks are part of our Easter celebrations and the perfect time to bake these fun Easter Chick Cupcakes.

Cadbury Filled Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe Day 10 #12DaysOf

Cadbury Eggs are a huge part of Easter so I hope you will have some leftover so you can make these Cadbury Filled Chocolate Cupcakes.

Jelly Bean Cupcakes Recipe With Vanilla Buttercream Icing Day 5 #12DaysOf

If you are looking for a creative way to use up all those jelly beans, try this recipe for Jelly Bean Cupcakes Recipe With Vanilla Buttercream Icing.

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes Recipe Day 3 #12DaysOf

Everyone loves fun cupcakes and these adorable Bird’s Nest Cupcakes are no exception! They are easy to make and will bring a smile to everyone!

Valentine’s Day Bear Cupcake Recipe

Know someone that needs some cheering up, friend or family? Give them a Valentine’s Day Bear Cupcake and they will cheer up right away!

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes with Sweetheart PB Cupcake Toppers Day 8 #12DaysOf

Are you looking for a no-fail dessert for your child’s Valentine’s Day party? The Valentine’s Day Cupcakes with Sweetheart PB Cupcake Toppers are it!

Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Here we have one of my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes, Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe. Of course you can make this anytime of the year.