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  1. Betty B.

    Oh I could get on board with this!!!! I’d love to try these and also champagne soaked I bet they would be amazing!

  2. Coco

    WOW!! Yummo!! All the ingredients to make a slice of paradise. Hmmm……what do you do with he leftover wine after soaking your berries? Thanks for sharing. I must be trying this.

  3. Vanessa E

    My hubby and I had a homemade fondue bar for Valentines day. I wish I would have known to soak the berries in wine first before chocolate! This sounds so tasty!

  4. Linda Manns Linneman

    I love chocolate covered strawberries. Soaking them in a good wine just adds to the great flavor. Thank you for sharing

  5. lisa

    I love fruit dip. I usually get the caramel or I think it’s some kind of cream cheese type dip. I like it on green apple slices. I love the combo of sweet and tart together.

  6. Linda Manns Linneman

    I am happy that these strawberries are even approved by weight watchers. I need to start watching my weight. Thank you for sharing

  7. Tara L

    Seems a bit interesting to try I am not a wine drinker though, but always can be good in fruit and strawberries would be great to try with.

  8. lisa

    The raspberry cheesecake truffles and strawberry pretzel pie sound good too. I tried to make truffles once, I made a huge mess but they were good.

  9. lisa

    Do the berries actually absorb any of the wine? I’d like to try this. The only wine that I ever drink is chocolate wine. I’m curious to see how it turns out. I think I’ll try a caramel or white chocolate dip.

  10. Melissa Douglass

    You had me at wine soaked!! And then just add chocolate and strawberries and that is literally the greatest thing ever! I have to try this!

  11. Linda Manns Linneman

    I have never heard of doing this before but it sure sounds good. I will be giving it a try. Thank you for sharing