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  1. Butler

    Two questions, 1. Mine didn’t look like the picture , had a brown color to it and 2. Do it supposed to be smooth after 30 days ? The everclear was still strong after 30 days…

    • Jill

      Hi Butler – sounds like maybe too much vanilla or brown sugar causing the brown tint? It should be smooth after 30 days if you were good about shaking it during the infusion process. This is important to allow the sugar to breakdown. The Everclear does not really lose its strength – so that is not a worry at all.

  2. Cheryl

    I made this twice. Both times it did not turn out. The first time I did it exactly according to the directions. The sugar did not dissolve and would not blend. The second time I heated it to dissolve the sugar. Mixed together and did the same thing. Needless to say I will not try this again and will not recommend this to anyone. Everclear is not exactly cheap!

    • Jill

      I am sorry it did not turn out well for you – I wish I could understand why. It sounds like you may have tried this but you can try to add all the ingredients EXCEPT the everclear to a pan and heat on low to try and get the sugar to melt. Then add it to the everclear and store so it can blend. The sugar for us did dissolve into the everclear when we tested, so I am not sure what else we can offer. I am very sorry.

  3. T Willett

    I’ve asked before and have not seen the answer… What SIZE Mason jars? The size has a lot to do with the flavor. It would really benefit those of us who would like to make this as best as possible to know the correct size. Please respond here on your site. Thank you.

    • Mary Walker

      Hi, No, it’s not a stupid question. I actually had to ask my son what it was originally. It’s a mixture of sugar and water, however, I buy the bottle of it at Walmart because for me it’s easier.