Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles #Review

I received the Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles!


In my opinion, you can never have too many battery operated candles. There is always a need for them. I came across some crafts I want to do and these battery operated candles will be perfect for them. I told you about the Flameless Candles a bit ago. Those were made by Kohree and so are these. That means that these can be used with the remote from those.

These are a bit different where these didn’t come with a remote but they have a built in timer. They will stay on for 5 hours from the time you turn them on and then go off for 19 hours. No bothering with a remote. Just set and forget. These also come with the batteries but do not flicker as much as the other ones.


The flameless votive battery operated candles with built in 5-hour on/19-hour off timer , turn on & off automatically every day.


These have a little glow about them and there are only 12 to this set. You do get the same benefits such as no melting wax, no smoke, no chance of fire. They can be used indoors or outdoors but not in wet weather.

The bulbs are made in LED, which is safe and energy-efficient. This is perfect for those nights when you want to relax and de-stress. Give you the feeling of real candles without worrying about dripping, fume, fires, etc. These environmental friendly flameless candles are ideal for home, hotel, restaurant, bar, spa and party decoration.

Delightful Way to Brighten Your Home

*Illuminate a fireplace mantel or bookshelf loft with a bunch of candles in votive holders. Turn on right on schedule and turn off five hours later.
*Scatter some flameless candles around your home for a cozy ambiance- bring life to your house every night- so warm.
*Decorate special events, candle light dinners with your loved one, wedding parties and use as wedding favors.
*Use them with your floral centerpieces.
*Excellent decor items for wedding receptions, dinner parties, holiday gatherings and other events.



You can purchase the Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles on Amazon for only $26.98.


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