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    • Mary

      My son used to love them. He had this giant one when we went camping once and dropped it so it ended up in the fire. You should see that thing bubble up. It was huge. I can’t imagine what it does inside your belly though, lol

  1. Sue Hull

    I’d like the candy box from the 70’s.It’d be cool to get a box with alittle bit of each decade.Thank you for the yummy giveaway! 🙂

  2. Heather martin

    I learned to swim because a lifeguard bribed me w/ candy necklaces. That website brought back so many memories. I don’t what that says about me that my life revolves around differant types of candy 😉

  3. Gigi

    Same answer === my favorite were Nutrageous bars.. I also like Ice Cube chocolates from the 1980’s, but I didn’t see those here.

  4. Marisa Johnson

    When I was younger, one of my favorite candy’s were the Candy Buttons. I always thought it was so cool to eat them off the wrapper! Now, as an adult, I’m a sucker for anything toffee 🙂

  5. Sonya

    I love this kind of thing! Nostalgia is great, and I loved a lot of those candies when I was a kid. It’s too bad my children and I are all allergic to the artificial dyes in the candies. I miss being able to eat that stuff, hah.