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  1. I’ve never used an air fryer before, but after seeing and reading how delicious & easy these recipes are, I am excited to purchase one! I can’t wait to try your recipes out!

  2. It would be wonderful to own an air fryer. So many good meals with out the oily fat you need for preparing them.. Someday I will have one..Your chicken looks so Yummy!

  3. This recipe looks Delicious. I love all the ingredients that you put on it. … I would love to have an air fryer.. Wonderful cooking without the nasty oil. Thank You for sharing this Recipe..

  4. The chicken and vegetables look so good. Very neat to be able to do a whole chicken and have a complete meal.

  5. I have looked at air fryers and even played giveaways for one but I never knew it could a great recipe like this one…Better keep playing for one…

  6. I want an AirFryer! They look so great and I love the idea of not having a mess of oil to clean up afterward. Not to mention the health benefits! This recipe is wonderful because it uses such simple but nutritious ingredients.

  7. I am always looking for new ways and ideas for chicken! Thank you for sharing! Looks amazing!

  8. This recipe looks and sounds delicious. I love that it is made in a healthier way. We definitely want to get an air fryer when we can afford to.

  9. i am so not big on gadgets, they take up extra space… but this one… looksl ike it makes frying healthier andsafer….

  10. REALLY loving this Air Fryer! Love the concept, and the fact that it’s easy to use & little clean up… plus it’s healthy! Hoping I can find a giveaway for one, I’d really love one! Your chicken looks SPECTACULAR!!! Thank you!

  11. The Air Fryer sounds amazing!! I love the idea of being able to fry things without all of that messy grease! Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe as well. 🙂

  12. Have seen and thought about getting an air fryer but I was concerned about good recipes that were more than fried chicken.. This recipe looks great.. Have to re-think buying the appliance….

  13. I have heard alot about these Airfryers and often wonder how they make your food taste. This recipe and the pics sure make ime think about buying one.