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  1. Elizabeth Hill

    Lol…this is hilarious! I would definitely gift this to one of my kids. They are older, but they have enough sense of humor that they would love to wear it. For that matter, I might give it to my husband!!

  2. Lisa Williams

    I think I would gift this cute Christmas Story Bunny Onesie to my daughter,she would love it and it’s her favorite color,Pink!

  3. Roberta Thompson

    I would love to keep it for myself but I can’t wear really warm stuff. My sister loves onsies and would be tickled pink to have this.

  4. Cheryl T

    If I win, I’ll give it to my daughter (she’s 11 with a great sense of humor) but will keep it. Lose by for when the need for bunny onesies arise.

  5. Jennifer M.

    My daughter and I are about the same size and we share some of our clothes. Well, mostly she wears mine.

  6. Dawn Monzu

    If I can fit it…it’s mine!! haha, I’ve been wanting one of these so bad! It’s so cold in my house, especially in the winter so this would be so great. Crossing my fingers on this one!