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  1. Eve Hunt

    You’re thinking of game development through the lens of modern times, where publishers distribute games digitally these days. You have to remember that these games were on Cartridge.. so it took weeks or even months to create enough copies to meet expected demand, then these games would have to be physically shipped around the world and distributed to each and every single game store, and these games generally shipped from just one manufacturing factory.. Game stores generally received their stock often weeks to months in advanced before the actual release date too, due to distribution/logistical reasons.

    It’s not like today where developers can literally work up to and beyond the day of launch as they just distribute the game files digitally off their servers, or commission random pressing houses who only really need a few days lead time, to burn quick dvd copies of the game files on a dvd disc and package a simple case with artwork, etc… Also many physical copies of games these days in stores don’t even have a game disc anymore and are just a game/download code inside the dvd case or gamebox.

    Then if you add in the manufacturing of the expansion packs to include with every single game bundle, that’s even more lead time needed to manufacture and package each DK64 game, thus even less time for the developers to finish the game on time to meet the start of manufacturing the game cartridges deadline, packaging, and distribution. Not to mention, have the game ready for final QA and testing and approval which probably takes weeks+ itself.