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  1. Ooooohhhh I am 37 weeks pregnant so picking a “favorite” was not an easy task!! I would say the beer queso nachos! YUMMY!!

  2. My favorite would be the Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Bean Dip. I just got a slow cooker for Christmas and I have been making new recipes like crazy!

  3. Chicken and Avocado Ten Minute Taco Boats is my favorite on that page, but I really want to try the shredded beef tacos with avacados from Mexico on this page. I’ve only recently given in and started using a slow cooker, and I’ve already learned that it’s very important to sear the meat. I will probably use Rotel for the tomato and salsa ingredient.

  4. The recipe you shared looks delicious! I’d also like to try the recipe for Chicken and Avocado Ten Minute Taco Boats.
    Thank you!

  5. The form isn’t accepting my entries. It looks like it does, but if I refresh the form/page, my entries clear and the total of entries goes back to what it was before I added mine.

  6. All the recipes sound great, but I especially like the sound of the Chicken and Avocado Ten Minute Taco Boats

  7. Sriracha Meatball Mini Boats is one I know my family would love. They have a great variety of recipes there that would make game day fun and exciting!