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  1. Donna Armstrong

    I would buy the grandkids things to play outside with. I would buy some cute sandals or flip flops. I also need some kitchen towels and dishcloths.

  2. Darcy Koch

    I learned you earn points for each purchase not only at Kmart but other stores as well such as Sears, etc. At checkout you scan to get points credited.

  3. renee

    Those are some cute pretzel rods!
    I would use it to buy school supplies for August. Always thinking ahead so as not to fall behind…

  4. Casandra LaMonaca

    I could use a new pair of sheets and I would use the rest to start Christmas shopping for my little girl.

  5. Laurajj

    Oh I would love to use it for spring/summer clothes and shoes for our little one. Oh they always grow so fast over the winter months.

  6. Natalie

    I would use the gift card to buy new headphones for running, shorts, socks and household cleaning supplies.

  7. Natalie

    I learned that in order to redeem points in store, during checkout at participating stores, provide your Member number, email address, or phone number at checkout. Your Points will be automatically added to your account.

  8. Nancy Loring

    I would use it towards getting myself a kayak. I have always wanted to explore the lakes around me.