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  1. I adore this Kitty Cat Tree House…We have 3 ten month old kittens (brothers) & I know that this would make them very happy…me too!

  2. Its funny how we have bought things like this and our cats wouldnt even touch it (after sniffing it for 10 minutes). They rather lay on the back of the couch, rocking chair and computer chair…after that we have stopped buying them things lol

  3. I do rescue & fostering & currently have over 20 cats (most are barn cats), but have a “teenaged” litter that are inside to be socialized. I need one of these because these kittens turn into gremlins while I’m sleeping. They love to climb!

  4. My cats would love a Castle like this, right now they just hang out on the back of the couch and get it all covered in cat hair.

  5. Wow – I think my cats would love that!! I would have said they were sedentary but while I washing the carpets I had the furniture all stacked up and they were happily jumping back and forth on the tipped up pieces – having a blast!!


  6. Oh wow, this is so awesome. I have 4 cats and I know they would enjoy this. Linda Bradshaw , teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com.