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  1. lisa

    I’m not an amusement park person. The lines, noise and stale beer smell. All of it’s too much for me. I don’t like crowds.

  2. lisa

    Once I was on a ferris wheel and it got stuck at the very top. My daughter was sitting next to me.She was young, and knew I’m afraid of heights. She kept rocking the cart until I was in tears.

  3. lisa

    I used to love going to the water park when I was a kid. Not so much with amusement parks. I’m afraid of heights.

  4. lisa

    It seems like, across the board, the current blogger theme is promoting their hometowns during vacation season. So far, I haven;t decided.I personally would go to Hawaii.

  5. lisa

    I’ve been to New York a few times. Years ago, my best friends grandparents owned a house on Lake Chittaqua (excuse the spelling, or misspelling) We always had fun going there over summer vacation.