Zamzee Gets You Moving! #Review




Zamzee gets you moving and makes it fun.  What is a Zamzee? It’s a new type of game that uses an activity monitor to measure movement.  It has a website that goes along with it, where you can do challenges and earn Zamz and get rewards.  Now Zamzee was meant for kids, to help them want to move more so they can earn some great rewards.




I received it a couple of weeks ago and although I am far from a kid, I am on a weight loss journey and need to move more.  I have been using and I think it’s the greatest thing.  My husband and I are very competitive, so we try to outdo the other one, whether it’s going for a bike ride or a walk.   I only received one so we share it.  Obviously when I am on my computer is when he gets to use it.

When we are done doing whatever it is, I plug it in the USB slot on my computer and it uploads the pointz to the website.  On the website there are Challenges that you can do to earn to Zamz.  Now you might think this is dumb, but let me tell you that it really works to get you moving.  If it’s working for me and my husband, imagine what it can do to help kids get moving.  You can get friends and see who can get more pointz.




As I said before, you earn Zamz for doing the Challenges.  If you get the amount of Pointz you need in a certain amount of time, then you get the Zamz it stated.  I am saving my Zamz for an  Air Hogs Hyperactive (seen below).  I am nothing but a big kid at heart.  They have things for a few Zamz like the skin I have I have on mine or a bunch of Zamz for the bigger items.

air hogs

You can also earn badges for the more things you do.  For instance, moving before 10 AM, moving 7 days in a row and making your Avatar unique.





You can see how many pointz you got per day, what your average is and on some days, you earn double pointz although you don’t know beforehand what those days are.




Sedentary behaviour and obesity are major problems and if you see how kids are nowadays, all they care about is playing games in front of the TV.  Obesity accounts for nearly 10% of US annual health care costs – that’s $150 Billion a year.

What’s the difference between a Pedometer, an Accelerometer and a Zamzee?  A Pedometer detects your step, so when you move with the same force a little arm inside swings and counts your step.  I can never get a pedometer to work right for me no matter how much I spend on them.  An Accelerometer is like a Pedometer but measures force using properties of micrelectromechanical engineering.  A Zamzee is like an Accelerometer but with a motivational website.  It tracks the intensity of your movement making moving a game.

When I first seen the website, I thought wow that is really cool then realized that Weight Watchers had come out with something similar except with Zamzee you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.  You can purchase the meter and a skin for $29.95.  The way I see it is that it’s a small amount and a great investment if it’s going to get the kids to move.

You can follow Zamzee on Facebook, Twitter and make sure to check out their blog too for tips and inspirational stories.  My rating for Zamzee is 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.




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  1. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    This is really neat, it would be a great way to keep my kids active.

    • Great for kids that don’t want to move. Love competing against my hubby to see who can get more points. lol

  2. Sounds like a great lot of fun!! Good way to inspire more exercise as well. Thanks for sharing.