Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 7 #SimpleStart

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Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 7

Well, now that we are into  Weight Watchers Simple Start plan week 7, and things are going pretty good. This week was a great week. I lost 2.8 pounds bringing the weekly total to 13.4.  Woohoo! This is my best week so far this year.

I exercised more this week, pretty much every day, for 30 minutes in the pool. I tried to drink more water, but still not drinking the 8 glasses a day that I’m supposed to. We will work on that for next week. 

Once again, I rotated between counting points plus and the filling foods plan. That is where you don’t have to count and you just eat the filling foods until you are satisfied. The whole wheat pasta with the homemade sauce is really filling.


Simple Start Plan Week 7

photo credit: Weight Watchers


These are some of the dishes we will be having this week. I picked up our Zaycon Foods Chicken order last week so we have a lot of chicken. Chicken is better for you anyway and you should see the size of these chicken breasts! They are humongous.

So, on the top of the list for things to accomplish this week are, 1) exercise daily for at least 30 minutes and 2) drink more water. They sound like small goals but lets see how it works out!


Simple Start Plan Week 7


How did your week go? Leave a comment below.


Simple Start Plan Week 7

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Simple Start Plan Week 7

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