Weight Watchers Friendly Father’s Day Recipes Roundup!



Weight Watchers Friendly

Father’s Day Recipe

Round Up!

Just because a holiday is quickly approaching, doesn’t mean you can’t stick to your Weight Watchers Points Plus plan.  So in h0nor of your husband, dad, grandpa, son or significant other, here is a roundup of some of the best Weight Watchers recipe to help you celebrate!  And who knows, they could be following the Weight Watchers plan too!


Start the day off right with some great breakfast ideas.  You don’t want dad to starve before he starts his relaxing day.


Breakfast Ideas:

Applesauce Oatmeal Pancakes  – 2 PP

Vegetable Scrambled Eggs  – 2 PP

Makeover Sunday Brunch Casserole  – 5 PP

Ham Potato Puffs Recipe  – 4 PP


After some fun morning activities, get ready for lunch.  You can make something special just for dad or the entire family.  Whether you are in the mood for some pizza or maybe just a sandwich, we got you covered.

Lunch Ideas:

California Pizza  – 7 PP

Toasted Sandwich with a Twist  – 8 PP

Italian BLT’s  – 7 PP

Turkey Quesadillas  – 9 PP

I hope you let dad take a little snooze in the afternoon.  Once he wakes up, he will ready for a dinner fit for a king!  A few ideas for the master, how about some Bottom Round, or Chicken Cacciatore.  He might even like some spicy sausage.



weight watchers


Dinner Ideas:

Bottom Round Roast with Onion Gravy  – 10 PP

Cacciatore Chicken Breast  – 6 PP

Creamy Pepperoni Ziti – 9 PP

Spicy Sausage and Penne  – 6 PP


Because you can’t have a dinner without a side dish, make sure he some veges and potatoes to go with it.


Vegetable Rice Skillet  – 4 PP

Never Fail Scalloped Potatoes  – 5 PP

Green Bean Casserole  – 2 PP

Colorful Zucchini Spears – 2 PP


Top off the meal with some luscious dessert or save it for an evening snack if he’s too full.  In my opinion, there is always room for dessert!

Dessert Ideas:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits Recipe  – 4 PP

Mini Apple Strudels  – 3 PP

Apple Yogurt Parfaits  – 5 PP

Blueberry Angel Cupcakes  – 2 PP


After being treated like a King for his day, Father’s Day, he just might like it and expect it everyday!

Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. krystel says:

    great recipes

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    I love the vegetable scrambled eggs for 2 points. It is nourishing and filling. Weight watchers is the best program around.

  3. Denise Smith says:

    great tips for everyone thanks so much for posting this i know around the holiday it does get hard to stick to your diets