Score Extra Savings On Your Daily Beauty Items

Score Extra Savings On Your Daily Beauty Items!


Youre going to want to read this next sentence carefully. You DONT have to break the bank to look gorgeous!  You can have professional-looking make-up for half the price!  All it takes is cutting a few corners by using the same product for multiple purposes and utilizing a few good olenatural remedies with what you probably already have in your kitchen. Check out the following tips, and I guarantee youll be saving hundreds in the long run!

Sugar and Honey Face Scrub:  Dont pay six dollars for a skin exfoliating scrub!  You can make one yourself for a tiny percentage of the cost.  All youll need is

  • sugar
  • honeyAnd for bonus effectiveness:
  • a slice of lemon
  • and parsley.

Lemon and parsley are powerful natural substances to clean the pores and clear skin, while honey and sugar serve as the exfoliating base. To make the scrub, simply find a small container, take about a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon and half of sugar and mix it together. You want to make sure the scrub has a gritty texture and isnt too runny.  Next, if you have it, add the juice from the slice of lemon and a few sprinkles of parsley. Use as you would any other facial scrub, but remember this substance is sticky, so keep the hair out of your face and wash it off well!

White eyeliner as eyeshadow base and highlighter:  Dont buy all three items!  One stick of white eyeliner can serve as a super effective base for your eyeshadow and keep it in place all day, while also being an excellent highlighter for the corners of your eyes and your cheekbones.

Lipstick as blush:  Did you know your lipstick can double as a gorgeous cream blush?  As an added bonus, using the same lipstick for your lips and cheeks gives you a glow that will match your whole look!  Just dab on a tiny spot and rub it in as you would apply any cream blush.

Use brown/black eye liner as brow pencil:  If you like using eyeliner that matched the color of your brows, theres no reason not to double up the use of one product!  Applied lightly and with a brow brush, most eyeliners will give you a perfect arch finish.

Find coupons online:  There are tons of websites that are full of coupons that you can use to save money on the essentials! 

Be creative! Have a little fun experimenting with your makeup collection and see what other double-ups or homemade beauty products you can come up with.  Remember the beauty is already all over your face, so all youve got to do it highlight it!


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