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Have you ever found yourself wondering what Princess Leia is running from at the very beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope? What led to the events of the first Star Wars movies? How the plans for the Death Star got to her, leading to her capture? Rogue One tells that tale. This isn’t the tale of the Skywalker family, instead following an all-new group of rebels in a galaxy far far away.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Princess Leia is running from at the beginning: A New Hope? Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tells that tale.

This story follows Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, and her team who come together slowly throughout the movie and find themselves thrust into the middle of events that impact the entire galaxy. Unlike most Star Wars films that have come before Rogue One has very few memorable characters who will remain part of the collective geek memory like those that came before. The one exception to this is the reprogrammed Imperial Droid, K-2SO. K-2 is played by the amazing Alan Tudyk, famous for playing Wash in Firefly. K-2 brings some much needed lighthearted, though sarcastic humor to what would otherwise be a rather dark action movie.


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Where Rogue One really shines though is in the cinematography. From beginning to end it is filled with gorgeous grand scenes. This is something they give you time to appreciate too. They know they’ve created beautiful, haunting scenes and the camera lingers on them, letting you really feel how grand they are. These beautiful, though very modern feeling scenes fit in wonderfully with the nostalgic 70s vibe that the rest of the film gives. Many of the scenes from Rogue One could be placed side by side with Star Wars: A New Hope and feel like they were made at the same time. Rogue One has a gritty feel that isn’t really seen in movies anymore. The creators took great care in recreating the feel of the original Star Wars film so that it would feel right at home if you were watching the movies in chronological order. Though I wouldn’t recommend this order if you’re showing someone Star Wars for the first time.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Princess Leia is running from at the beginning: A New Hope? Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tells that tale.

While the cinematography is beautiful the music fails to live up to what Star Wars fans have come to expect. The music isn’t done by John Williams this time around, instead, it is Michael Giacchino who did the music for Doctor Strange, 2009’s Star Trek reboot, as well as Lost. The music is by no means bad, it simply isn’t as memorable and doesn’t offer the cues that you have come to expect in a Star Wars film.

Rogue One set out to prove a point. That people can and will enjoy stories from the Star Wars universe that don’t revolve around the Skywalker family. They did this excellently, having earned over a billion dollars from box office sales. If you were hoping for Rogue One to be an epic space opera like the other Star Wars films you will be disappointed. Rogue One is a war story about a small, though essential event in the Star Wars lore. If you’re looking for a fast paced science fiction movie that doesn’t have any investment beyond the 133-minute runtime then Rogue One is the movie for you.

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