Tutti Frutti Dough – Scented Dough for Your Child To Play and Create 

If you are not aware of Tutti Frutti Dough, you might be interested in learning! It is a modelling dough, that is colorful and has amazing fruity scents!

Watchitude – The Perfect Candy Free Easter Basket Item @watchitude

I have quite a few kiddos in our family who would love to get their hands on any number of the designs available on the Watchitude website.

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy

With vibrant shades and a realistic texture this set is sure to please your little girl. The pretend makeup is completely fake and absolutely mess free!

Big Red Rooster Portable Baby Sound Machine #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy

The Big Red Rooster Portable Baby Sound Machine plays five different sounds, heartbeat, lullaby, ocean, white noise, and rain.

Big Red Rooster Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy

The Big Red Rooster Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock projects 4 different types of dinosaurs as well as the time & can be projected separately or together.

American Girl Pancake Set and More! Review #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy @American_Girl ad

If you have a little girl that is interested in cooking, than chances are she has asked to help & now she can help thanks to the American Girl Pancake kit!

Kohl’s Cares Paddington Bear and More! Gifts That Give Back! #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy @Kohls

Have you been to your local Kohl’s recently? If you have, you may have noticed that their newest Kohl’s Cares line features Paddington Bear items and more!

PBS Kids DVD’s – Wild Kratts and Daniel’s Neighborhood #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy

In this one-hour PBS Kids DVD special, it’s Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate.

Bikini Beach Cuddle Tail Mermaid Tail #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy @FinFunMermaid

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid at some point in there life. Make their dream come true with a Bikini Beach Cuddle Tail MermaidTail!

Crayola Emoji Maker #JPCHGG16 #JustPlumCrazy @Crayola

Emoji’s are all the rage these days and even I use them from all the time! Create your own custom emoji stampers in minutes with the Crayola Emoji Maker.