Laser X – Ultimate Game of Tag! Review #LaserX #ad @LaserX_game

Laser tag is all the rage right now and Laser X is on the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year. Laser X is the ultimate game of tag.

3D Coin Art US Flag Review #3DCoinArt #ad

3D Coin Art US Flag is a puzzle! It’s a bank! It’s a model that you build with spare change! Holds 778 coins and $25 worth of dimes, pennies and nickels.

Fast Flip Game by Blue Orange Games Review @BlueOrangeGames ad #FastFlip

#FastFlip ad @BlueOrangeGames Fast flip is a fast-paced matching race that develops high level visual processing skills while you quickly spot and count different fruits on the cards.

Gaming Headset with Microphone #Review

The Ailihen K6 Gaming Headset fits comfortably on your head and has a self adjusting headband that will fit all size heads…big and small. It has a microphone so you can chat with your teammates that is also adjustable or you can flip it up to get it out of the way.

Classic Safari Camo Pistol Rug #Review

The Classic Safari Camo Pistol Rug is perfect for just that. The 40 Glock fits in the case with the clip in it with no problem and is still able to zip up easily. The pistol rug is heavily padded inside and made with a soft material to prevent scratching.

Find The Fish with iBobber!

The iBobber lets you sync your iPhone, iPad or Android phone to it up to 100 ft. away and uses sophisticated sonar to locate fish down to 135’, with 2 fish sizes.

Portable Party Karaoke Machine

Compact and High Quality Party Karaoke Machine with high power sound system. Connect your phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth/USB/AUX, Plays MP3 or WMA files, LED indicator tells you which input you’re using.

LED Balloon Lights Light up your party or night! #LEDBalloonLights

#LEDBalloonLights The LED Balloon LIghts come in 9 different colors with the batteries installed in a pack of 12. They are great for parties, halloween, Christmas, etc.

Camping, Hiking, Walking the Dog, SportsTek Lightwear 4in1 LED Headlamp #Review

The LED Headlamp has 3 settings, low light, high light which extends to a 688 ft. distance & strobe light. You can clip it onto your bike or your belt.

50 Guitar Picks for All Your Music Needs!

The Tanbi guitar picks are made with high quality celluloid materials – the best material for guitar picks and that shows when you play by giving you a deep rich tone.