Peanut Butter Snack Balls Recipe Day 7 #12DaysOf

Who is excited to have the kids back in school? I love sneaking little treats like my peanut butter snack balls into their lunch boxes for a tasty treat!

Disney’s Moana HeiHei Snack Plate Recipe! Day 3 #12DaysOf

We are sharing with you today Disney’s Moana HeiHei Snack Plate recipe. It’s simple to put together and your kids will get a kick out of it.

Lil’ Bits® Strawberry Muffins Recipe #CookingwithGerber #ad

Lil’ Bits Strawberry Muffins are made with a secret ingredient & are very moist. This is the perfect healthy choice recipe that everyone will love!

Easy Marshmallow Pops Recipe!

The Marshmallow Pops recipe is just that…easy! I could have enlisted the help of the children but sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself…during nap time! Sorry kids! They did enjoy eating them though.

Chocolate Marshmallow Movie Munch & War Room! #MakeItAMovieNight #ad

#MakeItAMovieNight #ad For this movie, War Room, we created some chocolate marshmallow movie munch. It was simple to put together.

Stuffing Muffins Recipe Day 10 #12DaysOf

Why not try stuffing muffins this year at your Thanksgiving table. Dina made these and it’s a fun, easy way for everyone to enjoy their favorite stuffing!

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – Back to School Recipes Day 4 #12DaysOf

#12DaysOf #BackToSchool Recipes Welcome to our monthly 12 Days of Recipes. This month we are sharing Back to School Recipes! Today we our sharing a different type of school lunch…Mini Corn Dog Muffins! Your child will be the hit of the lunchroom with these in their lunchbox. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what recipe we have in store for you.

Peachy Strawberry Smoothie! #HoneyBunchesOfOats #ad @HBOats

#HoneyBunchesOfOats #ad The Peachy Strawberry Smoothie is something you can make quickly and take with you if you have one of those single serve blenders like I do. It’s really simple to make and most ingredients you might have even have on hand. At the end of the recipe, you will see some suggestions to make it low calorie and some alternative items you can use. Like I didn’t have frozen peaches so I used can peaches. It came out just as good.

Berry Crunch Parfait Recipe!

I love finding new recipes on the internet. So when asked if I would share one from the Honey Bunches of Oats website, I said sure. Scanning through all the recipes, I came across a couple that sounded good. The first one being the Berry Crunch Parfait!

Caramel Apple Smoothie with Musselman’s Apple Sauce 6 WW PP! #AppleSauceSwap @MusselmansApple

I have swapped apple sauce for oil in baking recipes before, but this time I was looking for something different to make and was checking out their apple recipes. I came across their Apple Cinnamon Smoothie. It sounded so good but I didn’t have any vanilla yogurt on hand. I searched my refrigerator and freezer and thought to myself…what goes with apples? Caramel, what else! Lo and behold, I had some caramel swirl frozen yogurt.