5 Delightful Candy Free Easter Baskets

There’s a multitude of sweet treats just waiting to be in Easter Baskets that are candy free. Fill your basket with better ideas.

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes Recipe

This is the last of our Easter Bunny Butt recipes but not the last of our Easter recipes. Next week we will have a few Peeps recipes for you.

Easter Bunny Butt Cookies Recipe

There are still a few more to come after today’s Easter Bunny Butt Cookies recipe. So be sure to stop back or sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Watchitude – The Perfect Candy Free Easter Basket Item @watchitude

I have quite a few kiddos in our family who would love to get their hands on any number of the designs available on the Watchitude website.

Easter Bunny Butt Pretzels Recipe

We have been sharing some pretty awesome Easter recipes and there are still more to come. Today we have Easter Bunny Butt Pretzels recipe.

DIY Easter Bunny Crayons Craft

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, this DIY Easter Bunny Crayons Craft is easy and gives the kids something to do while on spring break.

Easter Bunny Butt Cheesecake Recipe

Today we are sharing an Easter Bunny Butt Cheesecake recipe. Simple to make and a great dessert too. Because who doesn’t love cheesecake?

Oreo Bunny Butts Suckers Recipe

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, it’s never too early to start planning. Our Oreo Bunny Butts Suckers recipe is perfect for any family get together.

DIY Kids Easter Bouquet Day 8 #12DaysOf

With a handful of children, she knows how expensive Easter baskets can be, so she has her own DIY Easter Bouquet for her children.

Easter Egg Pull Apart Cupcake Recipe Day 7 #12DaysOf

This pull apart cake is made by arranging cupcakes close together into an egg shape and dropping large spoonfuls of icing atop each one.