How to Get Beautiful Lips without Surgery

We all envy those beautiful pouts that are flaunted by models in lipstick advertisements. Who does not want to have those full, plump, ultra-soft and perfectly shaped beautiful lips?

Elf on the Shelf Sugar Scrub DIY

The Elf on the Shelf Sugar Scrub DIY is brought to you by Just Plum Crazy.       Elf on the Shelf Sugar Scrub DIY!   Lets do something a little different than drinks. How about an Elf on the Shelf Sugar Scrub DIY! It’s easy to do and makes a great gift.      […]

Belle Lemon Sugar Scrub – Beauty and The Beast #BeOurGuest

Since we are on a Beauty and The Beast recipe kick, A Beauty and The Beast Lemon Sugar Scrub will make you feel like Belle.

Pamper Yourself This Spring

This is our list of easy ways to pamper yourself and just spend some simple time relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves. Mind, body and soul.

Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty

Coupons for Good Top 3 Cosmetics Companies for Long Term Beauty! The best companies understand that seeing is believing. Sephora goes the extra step.

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Recipe

We have candy corn desserts, candy corn crafts, and candy corn turkeys. So I thought it fitting to share a Candy Corn Sugar Scrub recipe.

Natural Beauty Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Beauty is so important for every single woman out there. There is a search for beauty that leads towards buying so many products and clothes. The approach of the woman is obviously one that goes towards synthetic products or one that goes for natural alternative methods.

Top 10 Remedies to Remove Tan

During summers when I use to go out of the house at day time, I use to find many girls, covering themselves with clothes from head to toe. Sometimes it was quite perplexing for me to understand that whether it is a new trend in town or they are doing this purposely. Then one of my friends told me that it is all due to the harsh sun rays that cause skin tanning.

Score Extra Savings On Your Daily Beauty Items

You DON’T have to break the bank to look gorgeous! You can have professional-looking make-up for half the price! All it takes is cutting a few corners by using the same product for multiple purposes and utilizing a few good ole’ natural remedies with what you probably already have in your kitchen.