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  1. Because this is a gorgeous purse and color, and a beautiful gift like this could help with the heartache and loss of the last several months

  2. I would love to win because I have been eyeing up several Kate Spade purses lately. With 4 kiddos I just cant seem to spend the money.

  3. I like entering giveaways because once in a while you get lucky! I love this purse and since I usually only buy cheaper ones I would love to have a nice one!

  4. I really like handbags of all sorts, and this one is really pretty! Would make a great gift as well with the upcoming holidays!
    Great giveaway!

  5. I love to win because it is a thrill and helps with my budget! And i’d love to win this because it is an absolutely stunning bag.

  6. i have never had a nice purse ever, and my current one hasa HUGE tear across the top. would lvoe to replace it with something hip and stylish for a change

  7. I’m not much for fashion tips, but all I can say is keep it bright and keep it light! And a GOOD pair of everyday sandals is a must!