5 Things to Check Before Calling for HVAC Maintenance

When your system inevitably breaks down, it only takes a little HVAC knowledge to save yourself from a staggeringly high bill.

Ergonomic Furniture and Contemporary Home Design

We hear a lot about ergonomic design these days. It seems like every furniture ad features the word in big bold letters. But what is ergonomic design?

Share Opinions with Behr – Sign Up Today!

This online community is your opportunity to provide Behr with your opinions and insights, while also interacting with DIY enthusiasts like yourself.

Get Ready for the Heating Season with myairmatics.com

It is high summer now & most people do not think about the heating season. It matters whether your central heating system functions well enough or not.

Home Depot DIH Workshop #DIHWorkshop @HomeDepot #LetsDoThis

As I was surfing Facebook a couple weeks ago, Home Depot DIH Workshop came through my newsfeed with a Grilling Caddy Tool Box.

Easy Inexpensive Spring Centerpiece DIY

The spring centerpiece can easily be changed into a summer, fall or even winter centerpiece just by changing out a few of the items as you will see.

Creating a Relaxing Patio Space

Your relaxing patio should be an area of your home where you are able to forget about all the negative things life can throw at you. Here are nine simple ways to dress up that patio of yours to ensure that it can be a place of complete relaxation.

The Importance of Green Carpet Cleaning

When you use a green carpet cleaning company, you can feel good about hiring professionals who care about the environment.

How to Assess Your Belongings and Start Living Simpler

Today we are sharing a few tips on how to assess your belongings and start living simpler! We live in a society where generally, individuals have all that they need to survive. It is something we can be thankful for, as not everyone is so fortunate.

Creating A Connected Smart Home! @BestBuy

We are building a new home that should be ready within the next couple weeks. We are trying to create a smart home or as close to one as we can.