Pros & Cons Of Home Ownership

For most people, owning their own home is something on the list of priorities. As with anything, home ownership comes with its pros and cons.

How to choose a trustworthy moving company?

The process of relocating can cause a real headache and create a lot of problems, but professional movers are able to save you from troubles.

Inside Painted to Barn Door Installation – Day 151- 220! #HomeBuilding #Kansas

Inside Painted to Barn Door Installation! Here we are in month number 6 and 7! At one point it seemed like the house was never going to be finished.

Siding Installed to Painted House! Day 91-150 #HomeBuilding #Kansas

Siding Installed to Painted House! Month number 3 was a little slow but there was quite a bit of progress in month four. It’ll be no time before we are in.

Creating A Connected Smart Home! @BestBuy

We are building a new home that should be ready within the next couple weeks. We are trying to create a smart home or as close to one as we can.

Trusses to Insulation! Day 61 – 90 #HomeBuilding #Kansas

Can you believe that we are in our 3rd month of home building already. Trusses go up and insulation goes in as well as a few other things.

Concrete Floors to Walls Day 31 – Day 60 #HomeBuilding #Kansas

We are now into our second month of home building and we finally had a chance to see the progress. Although there wasn’t much progress, things are moving along smoothly!

Surveyed Lot to Safe Room! #HomeBuilding Day 8 – Day 30 #Kansas

Things are starting to come together. The first month has shown some progress and the weather has been beautiful. Only a few days of rain which means more time for them to work. From surveyed lot to safe room, things are starting to shape!

Tips for Choosing a Builder #HomeBuilding Day 1

Choosing a builder isn’t as easy as some might think. We found that out 6 years ago when we were looking for a builder in Clermont, Fl. It was the first house that we ever built and didn’t know a lot about building but we asked a lot of questions.

How to Find the Perfect Piece of Land! #HomeBuilding #Kansas

New build, acreage, subdivision, foreclosure…there are many choices for finding the perfect piece of land. Sometimes it requires a little research.