Finally found my Home Espresso Maker


home espresso maker


 My search for the best home espresso maker


I hate to admit it but I love my coffee and I cannot go without it.  Since my coffee maker broke, I figured why not get an Espresso Machine.  I wanted one that was going to last, so I started searching for the best home espresso maker. Previous to this, I didn’t really understand the difference between them.  That thought was quickly was left behind.

I wanted one that was going to look good on my counter and match my decor, had a fast pre heating time, a no drip nozzle and most of all one that would let me know when the tank was empty, because let’s face it, sometimes our minds are not on what they should be, at least mine isn’t.  I found one that I really liked and it was made by Nespresso.

A friend of ours had an Espresso Machine, and this is going back about 5 years, and I thought what really is the difference?  Coffee is Coffee right?  Wrong!  Just recently we were over his house and he made me a cup in his machine.  The taste was superb.  That was when I decided that when my regular old style coffee machine died, I was going to invest in a home espresso maker.  I also thought that the price was going to be outrageous.  Wrong once again and if you ask my husband he will tell you I hate to be wrong.

The price of the Espresso Machine is very reasonable and definitely not what I expected.  As the old saying goes, you should never assume.  I think I learned my lesson but at least it was for the better.

Now that I have my Espresso Machine ordered, I can hardly wait until it comes in.  It is going to be so easy with the capsules, no more measuring and hoping it tastes okay. Every cup will be perfect.  Don’t be like me and think there is no difference because take it from me, there is a big difference.




espresso machine



espresso maker



home espresso maker



  1. Looks like an awesome machine!! Enjoy your espresso!!

  2. I am glad you found what you were looking for! Hope you enjoy it for years to come! 🙂