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Great Food all at HarborWalk Village on the Gulf Coast


If you have been following along my Gulf Coast posts, like my  post about Destin Snorkel, Buccaneer Pirate Cruise and Emerald Grande while on Brandcation, then you probably know the great time we had.  But today, I am going to talk about the Restaurants that we had the pleasure of eating at while we were there.  And they are not in any particular order because they were all amazing.  Some of the food was comped and the ones that weren’t, I paid for myself.  However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

The first night we got there, we ate at La Famiglia.  We started with a salad then had pasta and Fettucini Alfredo. Finished with Fish, Italian Ice and Triple Chocolate Cake. The food was fabulous along with the views.  Connect with them on Facebook.


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We had the pleasure of eating breakfast and lunch at the Emerald Grande ~ Grande Vista Bar & Grill Restaurant.  They even had special menu’s made for us stamped with the Brandfluental logo.  I had Sausage, Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast for breakfast and the Yacht Club Ciabotta for lunch the following day.  They also had crackers and spread that was to die for.  Would love to get the recipe for it.  Connect with them on Facebook.


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The following day, we visited Harry T’s, where we had lunch.  I ordered the Pot Roast and it was the best Pot Roast I ever had.  Once again, we weren’t disappointed in the views.  Wish we had more time to stay and enjoy it more.  Visit them on Facebook.


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Doesn’t that look delicious?


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Saturday morning, we had our breakfast delivered by Starbucks.  We got a sandwich, some pastries and coffee.


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The last night we had dinner at Crab Island Cantina. I had the Steak Fajitas and some girls had the Taco Soup.  Just beware of the size of the bowl.  They had a band playing while we were there and I love watching the people dance.  Some of them were very good.  Visit them on Facebook also.  Our waiter was excellent and anyone that can handle 24 girls without a flinch is awesome.  He is a very good waiter.


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While we were on the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise, our dinner was catered by Jim N Nicks BBQ.  Everything was so good and absolutely the best BBQ I have had.  Also available on Facebook.


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What is there to say except that the food was fabulous at all the restaurants. The prices are all very reasonable, so you aren’t spending a fortune.  I like that you don’t have to drive anywhere to get to them while staying at the Emerald Grande.  This way if you want to have a few drinks, you can without having to worry about driving somewhere else.  I can’t wait to return to all these places with my husband.  Be sure to check them out at if you are ever in the Destin, Florida area.

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DISCLOSURE:  Some of the events were comped and the ones that weren’t I paid for.

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  1. Denise Smith says:

    wow love the post looks like you all had a great time i cant believe all the great food i would love to go someday

  2. Becky Schollian says:

    What a marvelous post. I have a bucket list & this will for sure be on it. I enjoy reading all your adventures & vacation post. I’m not able to get around to often so I’m able to do some traveling through you. Awesome!!