Great Gear for your Day Trip!

Great Gear for your Day Trip!


Taking a day trip with the family can be fun if you take time to plan beforehand. Traveling with children can be stressful but planning ahead can ease the whole process. Some of the most important things you need for a trip with kids, especially young ones, are ways to keep the kids occupied and snacks. There are a few convenience items to have on hand as well to make the day go smoother.

Taking a day trip with the family can be fun if you plan beforehand. Traveling with children can be stressful but planning can ease the process. 

Snacks are Essential

Snacks are so important when traveling with kids. You don’t want to stop every time someone yells “I’m hungry” which can be frequent with young children. It’s a great idea to pack a cooler with things like fruit, sandwiches, milk, juice and string cheese. Car trips are a good time to buy snacks that you may not normally choose. Maybe you could surprise the kids with a snack they often ask for but rarely get. You want to be sure your food is kept at a safe temperature so a good cooler is a must. A Yeti cooler is a high quality cooler that can keep your food cold all day long. Yeti also makes tumblers that will keep individual drinks cooler for much longer than other cups. Reusable snack containers that are durable are also a great thing for small hands. There are many options that are geared towards kids that are made in very cute colors and patterns that children love.


Be Prepared

Depending on the weather forecast for your trip, you can bring either sunscreen and bug spray or rain gear. Always be prepared for weather especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. A first aid kit is also a great idea to keep in the car. Stash Band-aids (in fun patterns and colors), antiseptic spray or cream, alcohol wipes and anti-itch cream. Also be sure to have extras of any medication that anyone takes regularly.


Traveling with Young Ones

If you’re traveling with infants or toddlers, be sure to pack your stroller. Taking a play yard can also be very helpful if you have the space. Even at a picnic outdoors you can set up the play yard for the baby so you can get a few moments to relax and rest. Also if you have children still in diapers be sure to bring more than you’ll need. It’s no fun to realize you’ve ran out of diapers if you’re nowhere near a store or not familiar with the area.


Keeping the Kids Occupied

You want activities for all ages of children. A great idea is to pick up cheap story books, activity books or coloring books to stash away for a trip. A new box of crayons or markers can also be exciting. Many stores offer a dollar section that has small items that will occupy children in the car. Just look for things that don’t require help from you and don’t have a lot of pieces for you to be searching the car for. For older kids you might let them purchase a new app or game for a phone or tablet. For the younger kids you can buy a mount for your tablet if you want to stream a show or movie for them. If you’re going to be near a park or play area and you have the space, a toy like a bike, self balancing board or a skateboard can be a fun way to spend some time out of the car.


Most Importantly: Have Fun

Some of the most important things to remember are: sunglasses for everyone, any device chargers you may need, GPS or map and a change of clothes. When traveling with children you really never know when someone may have an accident or even just get sweaty or dirty and need to change clothes. Road trips with the family can be a great way to talk with each other and spend some quality time. Just remember to plan ahead so you’re prepared for any surprises.


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