It’s Time to Get Moving and Hit Play! #TimeToHitPlay #IC #ad

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It’s Time to Get Moving!


We moved to Kansas last year so that I could be near my grandkids. I’m all about family and what is life if you aren’t happy and spending it with the one’s you love. It’s time to get moving and time to hit play!

Unfortunately, I have been having knee problems for the past 10 years. My knees would fill up with fluid and I’d have to go and have it drained and get a shot until it happened the next time. I’m sure being a waitress for 30 years didn’t help even though I always wore support stockings and bought the best of the best shoes.

Apparently the arthritis wore away at my knee cartilage and I need knee surgery…in both knees. The doctor told me that when the shots didn’t work anymore that it was time for the surgery.


I'm all about family and what is life if you aren't happy and spending it with the one's you love. It's time to get moving and time to hit play!


Needless to say that I kept putting it off. Four months ago, I broke my ankle in two spots. After 3 months in a cast and a boot, I was upgraded to a small ankle brace and he told me “okay, you can now bear full weight and walk on it!”

Home I went all excited. I put on my ankle brace and sneakers and started walking. I didn’t get very far but it wasn’t because of my ankle…it was because of my knee. I could feel it popping as I was trying to walk.

The following week we were going to the pumpkin patch with the grandkids. I asked the dr. is it was okay and he said sure. I went and used a walker but couldn’t keep up with them or do everything because of my knee. I could see them from a distance but it’s not the same. It’s like I’m sitting on the sidelines watching.

For 3 more weeks, I tried to get moving a little more everyday. I used the crutches or the walker because I just couldn’t walk on my own. My knee was killing me so I called and made another doctor appointment, this time for my knee and to get a shot.

He took x-rays and gave me a shot. My knee is currently bone to bone. I went home and the shot didn’t work at all. My right knee is worse than the left, so that will be first.

There are so many things I want to see and do with my grandkids and family, but can’t. I can’t even go to game night once a month with my friends because it’s hard for me to climb stairs and move around. I feel like this lady in the video below.



I found my physician in the city we moved to and you can find your physician here at Stop putting it off because you are missing so much because of your knee or hip pain. I don’t want to go dancing all night, I just want to be able to enjoy my family and do things and get moving with them once again.



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