How to Get Beautiful Lips without Surgery

How to Get Beautiful Lips without Surgery

We all envy those beautiful pouts that are flaunted by models in lipstick advertisements. Who does not want to have those full, plump, ultra-soft and perfectly shaped lips? It gets disappointing when those models lure you to invest in those expensive $40 lipsticks but the results are nowhere close when you apply them and all you are left with a beautiful shade spread over lips that looks weird and unappealing. A major chunk of people fall in this category and many have esteem issues to the point that they are scared to carry a smile confidently. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get fuller, softer lips that are shaped perfectly.


How to Get Beautiful Lips without Surgery


Hydrate Your Lips

Your lips look dull and cracked because they are dry and dehydrated. Drink as much water as possible. Liquid intake will not only help keep your lips hydrated but will also help keeping your skin flawless. Moisturize your lips with a good lip moisturizer. There are a number of lip balms available in the market which are not only economical but are easy to carry and you can easily apply them while you are on the move. It is important to exfoliate your lips at least once every week to get rid of dead skin cells. Invest in a good lip scrub to do get the best results.

Facial Exercises

There are a few facial exercises that can help shape your lips for that perfect pout if done consistently. These set of exercises aim at toning the muscles around your lips. These exercises include the pout exercise; the fish face exercise, the flying face exercise, the pop exercise, and suck exercise.

Use Makeup

Getting your lips shaped through exercises demands time and patience. So while you are at it, you still need something to cover up for your lip shape for that highly anticipated prom or dinner date scheduled over the weakened. Luckily, there are numerous makeup products and techniques that can easily be used to cover facial imperfections and get the desired results. Using the right techniques can help covering your lips’ flaws and will also accentuate the shape of your lips.

This can easily be done using four basic cosmetic products that include a lip pencil, a lip primer, a concealer and a lipstick. Start by priming your lips with the lip primer and let it set for a few minutes so that your lips get hydrated. First outline your lips using a lip pencil starting from your cupid’s bow and then taking it to the corners. Once you are done with lining, use the same pencil to fill your lips. Next use a thin lip brush to apply the lipstick as evenly and precisely as possible. Once you are done, correct any flaws by covering it up with a concealer.

Get a Lip Job

The easiest, quickest and the least frustrating method to get your desired beautiful lips are to get a lip job done. There are some of the best cosmetic procedure centers in Singapore that provide professional services. A simple noninvasive laser based procedure can get you that perfect pout that you have always longed for. If you want to book an appointment for a lip job consultation you can visit


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