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  1. The beer glazed brats and sauerkraut has convinced me to bring some German foods to my table.That looks so enticing and my family will love this.Thanks for the other great foods to check out too.

  2. I’ve had the hot German potato salad before and I love it! Thanks for the recipe, I’m definitely going to make it!

  3. My girlfriend is German so I am familiar with some of the delicious recipes. I have never cooked them though. Maybe I should give it a try and invite her over for her opinion.

  4. I love brats and sauerkraut. I’ve never had German rice before though and it looks really good! Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

  5. I love these recipes. My husband loves German Food. He has German ancestors and it shows in his love for the food. I had never heard of the German Rice recipe, going to try this soon. Your German Potato Salad is a little different from my recipe. I’m can’t wait to put these on the table for his family. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m of German descent and should really learn some German recipes. I know my Grandfather would be thrilled if I made him the brats & krout. But I am most intrigued about the German rice. Never heard of it. A must try. Pinning it for later…lol