Disney’s Key West Resort






My son own’s a Disney timeshare and when he has extra points leftover he gives them to my husband and me so we can spend a night or two away from the house.  We only live 20 minutes from DisneyWorld and we absolutely love it.  The last Resort we went to was Disney’s Key West Resort.  Absolutely beautiful.

Here are a few pictures taken at the resort!

There is a boat that you can take to Downtown Disney and it’s really a very nice ride.  You can actually take the boat from Downtown Disney even if you aren’t staying at the resorts.

There so many things to do while you are there that don’t cost anything.  One of the things that we like to do is head over to the Boardwalk and have some ice cream.



  1. Rita M says:

    It has been years since we made the cross country trip to Key West. I wasn’t even aware of a Disney Resort there. It sounds lovely.

  2. Becky Schollian says:

    Fantastic! My daughter & her husband have been talking about a time share in Hawaii. They just had there second child so this would be great for the whole family. Thanks for sharing this post!!

  3. Danielle Lindquist says:

    You guys are so lucky to live so close to Disney and also be able to experience life at the Disney timeshare!! The pictures look awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Michelle Lee says:

    I was thinking of staying there on our next trip. Glad you liked it!