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  1. As a single working Mama, I love storytelling by the fire with my family and tons of hot chocolate! For Christmas, I’s love an IPAD!!

  2. What’s on my holiday wish list… let’s see. The one big thing is an Instant Pot. It would make cooking so much easier.

  3. I would love to win this for my girlfriend. She has never had a Coach purse. I’ve been entering this same contest for years.. fingers crossed!

  4. I am 8 1/2 pregnant right now so mostly I want gift cards so I can get some clothes and mt hair done after the baby comes.

  5. What I would like for Christmas is a family get-together. After a death in the family this summer, I realize once more how precious our time together is and how important family memories are.

  6. I’d love for Santa’s elves to clean house and do some repairs. (Hey, it’s called a WISH list for a reason right?) I seriously have not thought about it yet this year. I’m sue there are some books I would like.

  7. Whats on my list if for being able to afford to go home for a couple of weeks for Christmas and to help my mom recover from surgery.

  8. On my Christmas list, is nothing for myself, but I would love for my daughters to have a great Christmas and for me to be able to fulfill all their wishes.

  9. My Christmas List is very conservative this year as we’ve had some unexpected expenses. I hope that I am able to get a few new books.

  10. I’m graduating soon from USC and am in need of a classy, versatile bag 🙂 I’ve put all my teacher/professional items I’ll be needing on my Christmas list this year and a nice bag is at the top!

  11. On my Christmas wish list is everything my first baby will need when he arrives in January. A Coach purse would be an awesome gift for me.

  12. What I really want for Christmas is to have all of my children and their spouses to be able to visit together over the holidays… good food, bake some cookies together, decorate, watch some movies – those are the things that matter most.

  13. I like bright colors, in light weight fabrics, like slub tees, and a few really great pieces that can be mixed and matched for spring and summer.

  14. Wax wax and wax some more. More time enjoying the sun, less time worrying about stubble here there and everywhere.

  15. My best summer fashion tip would be light flowy tops and beach, tossled hair! Love the simple summer look!

  16. I like to keep a water bottle with me all of the time to stay hydrated in the summer. I think it is important to wear sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. I think this purse would be so cute to go with my summer outfits!

  17. Be yourself – which is really great advice for any season. Layer in Spring and Summer – stay cool yet covered up

  18. Well spring for me here is wear warm clothes cause it still snows til May. So that’s my spring advice keep warm with sweaters.

  19. The best way to cool off in the summer is to just take a quick shower and then leave skin wet – I just put clothes back on and feel refreshed for awhile.

  20. My Summer fashion tip is waterproof mascara for the pool and wear comfortable flip flops with an arch and cushion in the heels.

  21. My number one tent would be always always always wear sunscreen. Even if you only thing you were going to be in the sun for a few minutes always put sunscreen on

  22. I love using a bright floral scarf thrown around the shoulders of a crisp white t-shirt – you can pair it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, whatever!

  23. I think buying a great new pair of comfortable sandals is always a good tip for Spring. This is a beautiful tote.

  24. My New Year’S resolution is to take better care of myself by getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night, staying hydrated and improving my nutrition.

  25. Honestly, I have never owned a Coach purse. My purse is a bit ragged now, and this would be an amazing replacement.

  26. I’ve worked from home for five years and am interviewing for in office jobs. I’ve lived in yoga pants and hoodies and need some new swanky duds.

  27. My Coach bags look beautiful despite hardcore use. The quality is wonderful and the classic style keep me looking sharp

  28. I would love to win this Coach purse for myself and I am so not a selfish person. Because I am always giving, extending myself, giving my time and sacrificing my energy to others, this would be a great “just because” gift to myself. After having major surgery and a rough recovery, I would love to go out with a sharp Coach bag on my wrist.

  29. I would love to win because I never buy anything for myself…and I’ve never owned a Coach! Love it.

  30. Love this Coach purse for my granddaughter she’ll be a senior this year in high school and has been asking for a Coach purse, I could never afford one so winning one would be awesome

  31. I’d love to win because I have always admired coach bags but never could justify the splurge. It would be something nice just for me and I guess I lose site of that sometimes. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. I have never had a high end purse because I could not afford one and dont see being able to in the near future but it would be awesome to be able to

  33. I would love to win this beautiful purse for my niece. She adores Coach products but cannot afford them very often.

  34. A thoughtful prize. I am entering for my daughter. She never gets anything exceptional like this for herself. Caring and giving, she always puts others in the family first and I am putting her first by entering this for her.

  35. My plans are for a lot of fishing, kayaking, and hiking. My daughter and i are going to the beach, then to visit relatives, and then to Hershey Park. It is going to be a great summer.

  36. Ice hockey… all summer till the season starts for our kids. May be able to fit a vacation in there some where.

  37. My Summer plans are to find a fun and affordable vacation for my husband and I as we haven’t been on one since our honeymoon 3 years ago.

  38. i dont have any set plans, but hoping to take a weekend trip somewhere. it sucks when youre broke and never have any time off 🙁

  39. My plans for this summer are to work but taking time off to go with my dauighter to church camp and Disneyworld.

  40. we dont have any plans yet but i do plan to enjoy not having to get up as early!! hopefully we will be able to take a weekend trip somewhere 🙂

  41. I don’t have any summer plans. My husband and I will probably just enjoy the outdoors and sun!

  42. My summer plans were to visit California (Just got back last night!) The rest of my summer will just consist of working and spending time at the pool!

  43. I will only be working for one week during this summer, so I get to spend some fantastic time with my grandchildren.

  44. dont really have any plans, but i hope to be able to take a weekend trip somewhere. sucks to be poor.

  45. my summer plans are spending some time with my grandkids at their San Diego home and at the summer going a a cruise with my husband


  47. Nothing big. I work everyday… but when I am not at work, i want to spend as much time as possible with my kiddos outside

  48. We just came back from Biloxi and now are going to start on building a back yard deck. I would love to win the Coach bag for my daughter.

  49. I just love PINK, it’s my favorite color.I would actually use this Coach bag. I Love it!!!!??????

  50. I love to win prizes that I ordinarily wouldn’t buy for myself. I have wanted a Coach purse for years.

  51. I would love to win this because I have never been able to afford a Coach bag. This would be a very nice gift to myself!

  52. I love coach purses. They are great. If I win this one though I will be giving it to a friend. Thank you for this opportunity

  53. I am a SAHM on a very tight budget. Buying a new purse is a luxury we can’t afford. :I would like this purse to update my style.