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Child-Guard ™ Closure!


The Tide PODS® with Child-Guard closure haven’t been around that long but I love them!  My husband even prefers them when he does the laundry. My motto – no mess, no waste.  But I am always worried that my grandkids will get into the packages. Did you know that, last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received more than 1.3 million calls involving poison exposure for children.

When the flexible packaging became available, the makers of Child-Guard, Presto Products Company, knew there was a void being as there was no child resistant closure on the packages. They soon developed a solution with a Child-Guard closure. It’s designed to keep children safe yet easy for adults to operate.


Tide PODS® Child-Guard ™ Closure


What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a package or container that is made of plastic, paper, foil or a combination of these and can readily change in shape.


Tide PODS® Child-Guard ™ Closure


Flexible packaging is used in approximately 18% of products but is steadily growing to include more products such as laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, pesticides, herbicides, pool chemicals, and lawn and garden products. They are much too easy for children to open and can pose a very high risk. Children may think that the products are candy. Do you want these products around your home without a Child-Guard closure? 


Tide PODS® Child-Guard ™ Closure


Tide PODS® recently debuted a Child-Guard closure on their new ad campaign – but it’s also found on Hex Detergent and other products. The closure is easy for adults to open and close and should keep your children and grandchildren safe.


Tide PODS® Child-Guard ™ Closure

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Tide PODS® Child-Guard ™ Closure



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