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  1. I love the chicken cacciatore recipe. My hubs would love that. I freeze meals too, especially when I roast a whole chicken… which is what I’m doing tonight 🙂

  2. The chicken fajitas look easy enough i MIGHT be able to do it without screwing it up.Thanks for the recipes.

  3. Oh yes, I just got a new Crock Pot. these look so delicious & Yummy. The best is going from freezer to table in minutes. More great recipes to add to the Rolodex!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful meals.

  4. wonderful ideas, i think its wonderful to cook ahead and freeze.. some days you just don’t want to have to cook over the stove.. thanks

  5. Thanks. I’m always looking for crock pot recipes.. I’m new to cooking in one. I made and froze chicken fajitas the other day so I could have easy-to-grab meals for my hubby to take to work. They were a hit. I’m going to make the teriyaki tomorrow night.

  6. I love the breeze of crockpot meals, and they are so easy and almost always turn out good! I really need to try doing some of these recipes for the freezer, It would make my life for figuring out dinners so much easier! Now to stop being so lazy and do it! ; )

  7. I’ve been wanting to make freezer meals. Thank you for the awesome ideas. They are all great and I think my little grandson would eat them.

  8. I pinned this! I will totally be using these! I love my crock pot but I don’t know too many recipes. Thank you very much!

  9. These look really good. I’m currently expecting my second, and I’m starting to build my list of crockpot freezer meals. This is going on there for sure. Thank you 🙂

  10. thanks for sharing these recipes. i know my family would love the chicken teriyaki crockpot meal. I often prepare crockpot chicken cacciatore

  11. These are all good recipes one that my family would like to eat. I especially want to make the teriyaki chicken one . All these meals will freeze well and the nights we dont have alot of time we can just pull one of these out the freezer and we’re all set no need to prepare as its all ready done. thanks for all these recipes