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Aromatherapy Candle

I love the products I get Aurorae Yoga, the Northern Lights Yoga Mat and the Yoga Cropped Pants, and Yoga Towel.  So, I knew I would love the Aurorae Meditation Candle.  I received one in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

The Aurorae Aromatherapy Candle is lavender scented and 100% Soy Wax in a recyclable Non Toxic Tin Container.  I am always hesitant on burning candles because of the black smoke they emit.  I have to be very cautious because of my Amazon Parrot.  The Aurorae Candle emits NO black smoke, so there is nothing to worry about.

It is great for meditation, yoga, pilates, zen room or just as an everyday lavender scent candle and will fill your room in about 5-8 minutes.  It burns for 30-35 hours and is great for relieving stress.


Aromatherapy Candle


The smell isn’t overpowering where you are going to have to put it out after a half hour because the smell is choking you.  This has a very mild relaxing scent.

Aurorae 100% Soy Wax Pledge Candle in Lavender. Non-toxic, eco-safe. Meditation candles, refreshes your Mind-Body-Spirit.

  • 6.8oz 100% Soy Wax Candle in Recyclable Non-Toxic Tin Container
  • All Natural, No Black Smoke, Beautiful Lavender Scent, Offers Aromatherapy
  • Meditation Candle Great for Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Zen Room, Home
  • 30-35 hour Burning Time, Calming Lavender Great for Stress Relief


You can purchase the Aurorae Yoga Meditation Candle on Amazon for $14.95.  You can follow them on FacebookTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn.  Be sure to check out all the other products that Aurorae Yoga has to offer. Enter to win one of 5 Aurorae Yoga Towels.

aromatherapy candle


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aromatherapy candle