5 Ways Office Design Engages Employees

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5 Ways Office Design Engages Employees!


The way people work and how they react to their environment has drastically changed in the past decades and it’s a hardly a surprise. With so many innovations constantly going on and so many shifts in our consciousness due to a strong presence of technology in our lives, it’s no wonder that working environment requires regular modifications and improvements. Office design can make or break the working atmosphere in your company, so here are 5 ways you can make it more engaging.



1. It’s Always about Connection

When you’re working long hours or are dedicated to finishing a particularly tiring project, it’s very easy to feel secluded from the rest of fellow employees. This is where the organization of the office space plays a crucial role. Having open plan offices may work for certain businesses, but you need to consider whether if it would be effective for yours. If accepted, open plan offices will help everyone feel more connected with their colleagues, as well as more productive, if not, everybody will feel that there’s a lack of privacy, which is never good. Think carefully – if you want to make sure that your employees are comfortable, do a bit of both – have open floor for everyone who have no trouble being constantly surrounded by people, but also have “solo offices” where some of the staff can go and work in peace, without being interrupted by all the background noise and sense of exposedness.

2. Let the Personalizing Begin

One of the best things to do is allow your employees to personalize their working area. You can even have a big board where pictures from holidays, company gatherings and celebrations are put up, it will make the space more colorful. What’s more, everyone in the office will feel more included in the lives of their co-workers, not to mention that it will inspire countless conversations that can grow into significant bonds and friendships.

3. Make It a Theme

This is a very effective and also a very fun thing to do in your offices, especially if you’ve got a room to spare. You want your employees to have a place where they can take a break from all the work they’re doing and having a theme room is an excellent way to inspire relaxation and entertainment. Come up with a theme and then put it in reality in the break room, you can be sure that everybody will be thrilled. You can change themes quarterly, and even have a suggestion box where everybody can put in their ideas about what the next theme should be.

4. Your Inspiring Brand

There are companies who do a hell of a job in promoting pride in their brand among their workers. This is a genius thought because every member of the staff will strive to be more productive and innovative when it comes to promoting their brand, both with all the work they’re doing and how they speak of the brand outside of the workspace. Make sure that your offices inspire brand pride, claim experts from officeprinciples.com, but you don’t go overboard and push it at any cost because the results will be counterproductive.

5. What Do the Employees Want?

If you want to make changes that will improve the way your employees feel in their office, the best place to start is to ask them. Talk about their suggestions, brainstorm ideas and come up with a solution that will benefit everyone. That way you get happier workers, a fast growing-brand and gorgeous office space to brag about.

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