Wounded Florida Sandhill Crane ~ In the Care of SeaWorld Orlando




SeaWorld Orlando Now Caring for

Wounded Florida Sandhill Crane


You’ve heard me talk about SeaWorld before and I love the things they do to help injured animals.  I also love seeing the Sandhill Cranes and it’s sad to see one that has been injured or worse yet, killed.  I have actually seen two of them that must have been hit by a car and killed.  It makes you wonder, just how it happened.  Sandhill Cranes are an endangered and protected species here in Florida.

So it’s nice to see that someone called when seeing an injured Sandhill Crane.

(May 31, 2013) Orlando, Fla. – A wounded Florida sandhill crane was rescued this morning by SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team in Pine Lakes, Fla., and then transported to the park for further care and rehabilitation. The bird was spotted in the woods with an arrow lodged through its torso by a concerned citizen. Upon arrival at SeaWorld Orlando, animal care experts took the bird into surgery for its injuries.  The bird is now in stable condition and will receive regular tube feedings, and continue to be monitored closely. The Florida sandhill crane is an endangered species and protected by state law.
Sandhill Crane
Photo Credit: SeaWorld Orlando
So far in 2013, SeaWorld has rescued nearly 200 birds. In collaboration with the government and other members of accredited stranding networks, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment operates one of the world’s most respected programs to rescue ill and injured animals, with the goal to rehabilitate and return them to the ocean. SeaWorld animal experts have helped more than 22,000 animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than 40 years. 
If you see an injured bird or marine animal, you can help by contacting the FWC hotline at 1(888) 404-3922 or by dialing *FWC on a cellular device.
All bird rescue footage produced by SeaWorld under FWS Permit Number MA7701911.


  1. Becky Schbollian says:

    Fantastic!! Sea World has one of the best wild life rescue!! It touches my heart.My G’son & I have rescued several birds & animals. Just the other day we took a bird to the Humane society after catching it. It was not able to fly. What a great post!!