Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 4 #SimpleStart

Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 4

Here we are in week 4 of the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan. Once again, this week I alternated between the simple start plan and counting points plus. I lost 1.8 this week bringing the weekly total up to 9.6 lbs. Sometimes though I get a little discouraged and feel like I should have lost more.

Even though they say you should only lose up to 2 lbs per week, I WANT to lose more. But it’s not only the number on the scale that matters though. This time though, I measured myself at the beginning and I will measure on the 1st of each month.

When I measured myself on the 1st, I couldn’t believe the numbers, that I even told my husband to measure me a second time to be sure.


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I lost 2 inches in every single spot.

  • Waist – 2 inches
  • Bust – 2 inches
  • Arms – 2 inches
  • Thighs – 2 inches
  • Hips – 2 inches

I was like “wow”! So, you see, it’s not the just the number on the scale that is going to matter, but the inches count too.

Also this week, I started riding my exercise bike again for exercise. I haven’t rode it in a while because I am afraid that my knees are going to swell up again. I usually do my exercises in the pool, but we have some chilly weather and I didn’t want to turn the heater on just yet. I rode my bike for 10 minutes…..and I thought I was going to die!

I knew I was out of shape, but I didn’t know exactly how bad it was. Just after 10 minutes, my legs were killing me, I was huffing and puffing and felt exhausted. I used to ride it for at least an hour. What happened?

That is my goal for this week, to ride my exercise bike for at least 10 minutes each day in order to build my stamina up again. Join me next week to see how I am doing on the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan.

How did you do this week?


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