Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 8 #SimpleStart

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Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 8

Well, now that we are into  Weight Watchers Simple Start plan week 8, and things are still going pretty good. This week was even better than last week. I reached my 5% weight loss goal and I lost 5.0 pounds bringing the weekly total to 18.4.  Woohoo! This is my best week so far this year.

I exercised more this week, pretty much every day, for 30 minutes in the pool. But I’m still not drinking the 8 glasses of water daily that I should be drinking.

Once again, I rotated between counting points plus and the filling foods plan. That is where you don’t have to count and you just eat the filling foods until you are satisfied.

I made some Weight Watchers Crepes and they are only 2 Points Plus per crepe and I fill them with fresh fruit, which is 0 PP.


weight watchers crepes


I don’t know how well this coming week will go because my knee swelled up and I need to have it drained and shots in both knees. But whatever it brings, we will work with it.

I’m looking into some new recipes, since I have a freezer full of chicken from the Zaycon delivery. I know there are many recipes out there, but it has to be something my husband will like or he won’t eat it. I think we will make chili for one meal.

Be sure to check back and see how next week goes.


simple start plan week 8


How did you do this week?


Simple Start Plan Week 8

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Simple Start Plan Week 8

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