Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 6 #SimpleStart

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Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 6

Well, now that we are into week 6 of the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan, things are finally starting to add up. This week was a good week. I lost 1.8 pounds bringing the weekly total to 10.6. I’m still not seeing a big difference in the way my clothes fit. I know that for every 10 pounds, you drop one size. I guess it will come in no time. I started my exercises in the swimming pool, since that seems the only way I can exercise without my knees swelling up. What I do is go in the deep end and hang on to my noodle and move my legs back and forth like I’m walking but without bending my knees. I only did 2 days of 30 minutes, but it seems to have helped.  

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  That there is my weakness, Desserts and snacks. I think I get that from my dad because he always had to have dessert after every meal. As long as I have pre portioned desserts and snacks, I’m good. If it’s one big cake…then I’m not good. For some reason I crave sweets. I guess it’s a fact of life. I like the Healthy Choice Fudge bars and so does my husband. They are creamy and chocolatey and only 2 points plus. Yum!   Weight Watchers simple start plan   Well, off to start a new week. My goal this week is to exercise more and drink more water. How did you do this week? Leave a comment below.  

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