Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 5 #SimpleStart

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Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan Week 5

Here we are in week 5 of the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan. Once again, I alternate between counting points plus and using the filling foods technique. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in really. This week, we went out to eat…twice. I have no willpower when it comes to going out to eat. With that being said…I gained .8 of a pound, bringing my weekly total up to 275.8.

Now, it could have been worse and I could have gained a couple pounds, right? I know where I messed up and I just have to get back on the wagon and keep trudging along. Next week will be better!

I try to mix it up every day, because if you eat the same things over and over, your body will get used to it and you won’t lose any weight. But because nothing is off limits, it should be no problem.


simple start plan

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Everyone has a setback every now and then, and even though I get upset when I do gain a little, I know that I just have to make better choices, especially when we go out to eat. I’m a sucker for desserts, frozen drinks and appetizers.

Plus, I really need to start drinking more water and doing some exercises. Which is hard, because my knees will swell up if I go for a walk or ride my bike. I guess I will just have to get back in the pool.

How is your weight loss program going? Leave me a comment below.


simple start plan

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simple start plan

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