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Unique Natural Products

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unique natural products

I absolutely love their slogan.  Just the name alone says it all.  When you think of green products you think you are going to pay an arm and leg for them.  Not with Unique Natural Products you don’t.

Unique sells natural bacteria products to improve our homes and the environment in which we live.  We want to preserve the earth for our children and grand children as much as we can.  Besides the fact that all of those other products have chemicals in them.  They are no good for us or our families.  The part I like best is that their products are guaranteed to work or your money back.  Now that’s what I call service.

I received Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator, Wine Stain Remover, Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover and Super Digest It Drain Opener in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own and may differ from yours.  You can purchase these products and more starting at $4.25 on the Unique Natural Products website.


Unique Natural Products

unique drain cleaner

We have very hard water here in Florida plus we have a Septic Tank.  We were told never to put anything down our garbage disposal because the smallest thing can plug the holes in the drain field.  In order to keep our drains and lines open, I started with the Super Digest It.  Even though our house is only 3 years old, I see in my sinks and toilet bowls just how fast the lime in our water builds up.  I can only imagine what it’s doing to the pipes and Septic.

The Unique Super Digest It is a safe drain opener because it’s all natural.  It is safe for you, your family and your pets.  I also have to be careful of fumes from everything because of our Amazon Parrot.  The drain opener descales hard water and contains no chemicals.  It is fast acting, powerful and safe.  The drain opener has microbes that work up and down your pipes devouring whatever is in your pipes.

I poured a little down each and every drain in our house and I could tell that it helped.  If you don’t have the hard water that we do, then you really don’t know what I am talking about.  A good test is how the bathtub drains.  It would take a really long time and now it only takes a couple minutes.

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unique pet odor and stain eliminator

We have a dog and sometimes no matter how many baths she gets, she still smells like a dog.  That means that the rugs are going to smell like dog when she lays on them.  There is nothing worse than walking into someones house and all you smell is dog.  I don’t want to be that house, so we try to keep everything super clean.  The Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator comes in handy to help eliminate those odors.

The healthy bacteria and microbes eat the stains and odors off any surface and turn them into carbon dioxide and water.  That means that the stains and odors won’t come back.  Safe to use on carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, clothing, kennels, trailers, barns, dirt and concrete to remove stains and odors from urine, vomit, feces, blood and more!

The entire house will smell clean and fresh, no more like your pets.  (I love my dog)


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unique carpet shampoo

Our carpets have a few stains in them but I hate to wash the whole entire carpet.  When I have done the whole room in our other houses, it seems like the rugs get dirtier faster.  So now I just clean the spots.

The Unique Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover, deodorizes and cleans.  It safe for your family and pets which is a big deal for me because my granddaughter just started crawling.  When you use chemicals to remove stains or odors you may be adding pollution to pollution.  Using bacteria to remove odors and stains is natures way.  It’s concentrated too so you don’t need to use too much.


I had one pesky, greasy little stain that would not come out no matter what I tried.  Unique Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover took it out no problem.



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unique wine stain eater



What is the toughest stain to get out?  In my opinion, it’s wine!  That’s why you need Unique Wine Stain Eater.  It will literally eat up a red wine stain in seconds.  Very handy to carry it in your purse just in case, if you know what I mean.  Of course it’s not just for wine.  This green, organic, product will remove stains and odors from red wine, coffee, soda, food, grease, kool aid, juice and more! It is your non-toxic solution to removing stains from carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood, clothing, concrete, or anything that water won’t damage. Use Wine Stain Eater and you’ll see your stains and odors begin to disappear immediately!

If you have kids, this nifty little  product comes in mighty handy.  OK, even if you don’t have kids.  I somehow manage, no matter how careful I am to ALWAYS get something on my clothes.  I can put a towel bib on and I still get stuff on me.  The Wine Stain Eater is definitely my BFF.



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And there you have it. Well, actually not really.  Because they have many more products that I haven’t even told you about.  Like their Septic System Digester, Septic Field Rejuvenator and even the Unique RV Digest It Holding Tank Treatment.  I don’t need all of these just yet, but I when I do, Unique Natural Products is the place I will go to get them.  Natural is always better over chemicals, especially for things like the holding tank in your RV.  I used bleach in it last year and it took me all day to get the smell out of it and about 10 holding tanks full of clean water to do it.  After putting bleach in it, I am afraid to use that water for anything but showering or bathing and maybe washing dishes.   I wish I would have known about Unique’s Natural Products last year.

You can connect with Unique on Facebook and Twitter.  They are generously offering a grand prize gift basket of Pet Odor Eliminator Ready to Use, Super Digest It Qt, Carpet Shampoo Qt, Unique Complete Qt, and a Wine Stain 4oz. With a Retail Price of $58.20.

All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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  1. Vera K says:

    I would love to win this because I am trying to use more natural products.

  2. I find myself using Liquid Plumber on a regular basis for my drain. I’ve always hated how bad it was for the alternative. I would love to try a more eco-friendly version!

  3. Nori S says:

    I would like to win this because my dog is always tracking dirt into the house.

  4. 1- I need it! Rather, my house needs it. The Wine Stainer Eater in particular… 2.- They’re natural so not bad for the environment. 3- Who wouldn’t want to win great products? I need a new company that has great cleaning products.

  5. SHAYNA says:



  6. JEAN HOLLAND says:

    I love trying new products to find out if they actually work before putting out the cash. I’m especially interested in organic products that are safe for the environment.

  7. Kele Wassum says:

    I am all about using Natural Products in my house to keep my kids and my pets safe!

  8. steve weber says:

    because I love to try new products.