GoCarts, GoCarts and More GoCarts – Branson Tracks ~ Branson, MO #ExploreBranson

When we go on vacation, we like to do things that we haven’t done before. One of those is visiting Branson Tracks. Especially since we have been to Branson, MO so many times. Luckily we don’t live too far away and can visit often. Yep, that’s how much we love Branson.

Stunt Dog Experience ~ Branson, MO #ExploreBranson

Branson has many things to do. Each time can be a different experience. That’s why the last time we added the Stunt Dog Experience at Clay Cooper Theater.

The Porches in Steamboat Springs, CO @DiscoverCO @ThePorches @USFG

The Porches in Steamboat Springs, Co is a rustic beauty. We stayed in the Blue Spruce, 5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath 4,189 sf. with a gourmet kitchen & 3 fireplaces!

I won 4 Days in Steamboat Springs, CO at The Porches! @DiscoverCo @ThePorches @USFG

@DiscoverCo @ThePorches @USFG I won a four day, three night stay at The Porches in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Sponsored by Discover Colorado and US Family Guide. Not just for skiers.

Showboat Branson Belle ~ Branson, MO #ExploreBranson

Recently, we had the pleasure of being invited to Branson, MO. We had been there before and had seen a few shows, we were excited for the itinerary on this trip. The Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise was one of the places that we would be visiting.

It’s Official…We Are Moving To Kansas! #HomeBuilding #Kansas

We are officially moving to Kansas! I’m not sure why…oh yeah, the grandkids are there. They are only little once and I miss them when I’m not there.

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center Branson

You can’t miss the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center in Branson. Yes, it’s the building on Highway 76 being climbed by a giant Great Ape!

Summer Travel – Fun in Branson, MO

Family fun for everyone! When I was thinking about a family vacation this year I wanted to go somewhere not too far from home. I live in Kansas and there is a lot of places I could have chosen in the four state area but I chose Branson Missouri.

School’s Out, Now What? 5 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp!

I remember when I was about 9 or 10 and I went away to summer camp. It was only for a couple of nights but it was an experience I will never forget.

5 Tips for a Summer Road Trip! #FueltheLove #ad @Pennzoil #TBA

#FueltheLove #ad Before you head out for your summer road trip, there are steps to take to get you, your family and your car ready for it. In the past two years, we have traveled over 30,000 miles, some with the grandkids and some with just the two of us, the dog and the bird.