Top Birthday Gifts for Boys


Whether you are looking for birthday present ideas for your son, grandson, nephew, or for one of your children’s friends, here are some of the popular toys for boys for 2013.

Action Figures
Action figures are usually a safe bet for boys between the ages of 5 and 9. Skylanders are really popular this year. For toddlers and preschoolers, Toy Story action figures are just as popular now as ever. You can find many characters from the Toy Story movies, from Woody to Buzz Light Year to Jessie and her horse Bullseye.
Thanks to the continued popularity of Stars Wars movies and Star Wars video games, Star Wars action figures are also still very popular. Most boys love playing with their favorite Star Wars characters and acting out the scenes from their favorite movies and video games.
Superhero action figures are also almost universally popular among boys of all ages. The Avengers is the most recent popular superhero movie, and any of the Avenger characters (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk) are popular with most boys.


Legos are expensive these days, but they do offer smaller sets too. Stores such as Toys R Us often have big Lego sales. Check some of the bigger online retailers for special online sales too. Sometimes you can find specials not offered in stores.
The Legos that are really popular and new this year are the Chima Legos. New Star Wars sets are continually coming out. Some of the other newer sets include the Ninjago series and also the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets. Some of these sets are hard to find in the stores, so shop online for the best selection. Besides Toys R Us, Amazon is also a good resource for finding popular Lego sets.
If the boy you are shopping for likes superheroes, there are a number of Batman and Avengers Legos sets that are currently popular.


Board Games
There are a number of fun board games on the market that have been around for years, but these games are still fun to play and make a great birthday gift for boys.
Some of the oldies but goodies include Twister, Connect Four, Sorry!, Trouble, Life, and Scrabble.
For preschool aged children, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Candyland, and Cootie are still popular, easy to find, and make great gifts.


Video Games
If you know what video game system the child you are buying for has, there are many popular video games to choose from. Amazon offers a lot of great deals on both used and new video games.
In the 7 to 10 age range, all the Lego video games are very popular for kids playing on the Wii. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean…there are many fun Lego Wii games to choose from that will please any boy on your shopping list. All of the Mario games are also popular among most boys.
There are many fun toys and games available for young boys available on the market today. If the child you are buying a present for likes Star Wars, Avengers, Batman, or Mario, you should have no problem finding a video game, Legos, or action figure that will please the boy on your shopping list.
Jason Benton is a personal shopping assistant who loves hunting down a good
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