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AT Surgical Women’s 

Thigh High Compression 

Support Stockings 

with Open Toe


I was a waitress for 30 years.  That can take a toll on your legs. I never really had a problem with my legs though, so I wasn’t really worried.  That is until this past November.  We travel by car, which isn’t good for anyone’s legs unless you stop often and exercise them.  Which is something we don’t do.  It seems we are always in a hurry to get where we are going.  This summer, we are going on a Summer Travel Adventure, which includes 5000 miles by car.  Thank goodness for AT Surgical Women’s Thigh High Compression Support Stockings.

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We went to visit my kids for Thanksgiving.  That meant driving 1250 miles.  When we got there, my feet were so swelled up and hurt so bad that I couldn’t even walk.  It was a miserable trip because I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere with my grand kids.

When I returned home, I went to see my Dr. and was told I had some water retention but also varicose veins. I actually had bulges of veins sticking out.  ACK!  I knew I was going to get them at some point, but I didn’t want to face the fact that I had them.  My Dr. told me to get some compression stockings.  Didn’t tell me from where or anything.

Support Stockings


My son, who is only 34, inherited varicose veins from his father’s side.  He has already had a couple operations on his legs and has had to wear compression stockings for a while now.  The AT Surgical Women’s Thigh High Compression Support Stockings with open toe that I received are the same thing that he got from his Dr.

They come in Beige or White.  I chose the white in XL.  They are a little hard to put on, but that is to be expected because they are supposed to be tight to constrict your veins.  I love the fact that they are thigh high because I can wear them and they look like tights.  No one has to know they are compression stockings.


Support Stockings



  • Moderate Support stockings – 18 mmHg Compression
  • Thigh high in length with Open Toe / Inspection Toe
  • Relieves tired, aching, fatigued legs, ankle and leg swelling, and minor varicosities,
  • Thrombo Embolic Deterrent – Anti-Embolism Support Stockings prevent venous stasis and embolism formation
  • Intended for recumbent (non-ambulatory) patients.
  • Available Beige & White


Also known as Thrombo Embolic Deterrent Stockings, these anti-embolism thigh highs help prevent venous stasis and embolism formation by applying graduated compression to the leg. Recommended for the recumbent (non-ambulatory) patient while lying in bed. Indicated for pre- and post-operative procedures and mild varicosities without significant edema. Features a silicone stay-up top and is available with closed ” balloon” toe, an inspection toe, or an open toe.

AT Surgical carries many other products for the body, which I am glad to hear.  I also wear knee braces, and it is very hard to find good ones in my area.  I prefer to order things online because it saves me time and money, especially with the gas prices.

You can purchase the  AT Surgical Women’s Thigh High Compression Support Stockings for $16.50 on Amazon.  I am now looking forward to my trip, because I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to hold up traveling 5000 miles.

Support Stockings

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Support Stockings



  1. Tiffany says:

    This is great I will have to share this with my mother I defiantly think she could benefit from this.

  2. I don’t usually have problems with my legs, but I always do when I am pregnant, especially in the later months…this would be good for that!